Ensure your stand-by batteries are actually standing by. Data centers, financial services, heavy industry, communications, transport - if you have critical services that rely on continuous power, you can't afford to be left in the dark.

Manage your UPS batteries effectively with a PowerShield battery management system and ensure reliability - minimize failure risk and maximize life. Impedance, voltage, temperature, current. We'll help you understand your batteries and our global presence means we're never far away.

Latest News:

Project Bloodhound SSC update - Communication towers completed. Through a South African partner Energy Insight, PowerShield systems are installed on the backup batteries at the tower sites. This provides full remote visibility to the off-grid sites and helps ensure that the communication network maintains integrity during the speed runs.
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Talk to PowerShield about how we can provide you with best visibility and life trending of your battery assets, maximise their operating life and help you keep your business up to speed.

We'll be at:

The Data Center World Global Conference in Las Vegas. April 28 - May 2. Come and see us to discuss battery management options for you datacenter facility.

We'll also be at the INTELEC95 Tecommunications Energy Symposium in Amsterdam, April 10 2014, the Hong Kong Electronics Fair, April 13-16 2014, and the Battcon conference in Boca Raton, May 5-7 1 2014.