PowerShield 8

PowerShield 8 is our best system yet for monitoring and managing stand-by battery banks. PowerShield’s continuous data sampling, reporting and battery management capability delivers reduced costs, peace of mind that you have batteries that perform when needed, and you are maximising the life of your batteries. There are four components that make up PowerShield 8.

Components of PowerShield 8

Monitor and analyse with Link battery management software

Link Battery Management Software

Comprehensive monitoring from a single control point from batteries held in a single room through to large numbers of batteries held across multiple facilities or countries.

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Process with the Controller

PowerShield Controller

At the heart of PowerShield 8, the Controller captures, processes and stores data from the battery sensors.

The monitor offers simple installation, reduced cabling and flexibility with the capability to monitor UPS batteries that are up to 8 strings.

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Measure with mSensors


Gather individual voltage, impedance (Ohmic value) and temperature data, for VRLA, VLA and NI-Cd batteries.

Located at the battery, the advanced circuits in the mSensor drive fast data sampling and powerful measurement algorithms.

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Relay with the Hub

PowerShield Hub

Applied per battery string, the Hub takes inputs from in-built sensors and sensors at the battery rack and consolidates for transfer to the Controller.

The Hub measures DC current, ripple current and ambient temperature via external sensors through an on board sensor.

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Why PowerShield 8?

  • Avoid costly downtime and protect your business from losses.
  • Optimise battery life by replacing batteries at the correct time.
  • Improve safety by reducing the need for physical contact with the battery bank.
  • 24/7 alarm notifications enable quick response to potential battery issues.
  • Make informed decisions from automatically captured and consistently reported data.
  • Reduce maintenance and replacement costs by monitoring and performing preventative maintenance.
  • Save time by having remote access to battery data and pinpointing faults to specific individual batteries.
  • Maintain security and overall systems integrity by limiting access to sensitive areas for external service providers.

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