New PowerShield System

PowerShield System

The new PowerShield System is our best system yet for monitoring and managing stand-by battery banks. PowerShield’s continuous data sampling, reporting and battery management capability delivers reduced costs, peace of mind that you have batteries that perform when needed, and you are maximising the life of your batteries. There are four components of the PowerShield System.

Components of the new PowerShield System

Link Battery Management Software

Link Battery Management Software

Link manages the connected Controller(s) and records all battery readings in its database for viewing, trending and reporting.

Link has a Client-Server structure which allows simultaneous access to data from multiple locations. The structure also allows you to group particular battery systems by area or facility and gives the ability to scale without concern of data processing limitations.

Link provides easy ‘click-through’ navigation and available screens include real-time visibility, life trend analysis, discharge analysis, alarm management and reporting capability.


PowerShield Controller

The Controller hardware captures, processes and stores data from the Hub and mSensors. This includes monoblock voltage (DC and ripple), impedance and temperature, string voltage and current (DC and ripple), humidity, plus ambient temperature.

The monitor offers simple installation, reduced cabling and flexibility with the capability to monitor UPS batteries that are up to 10 strings.



Monitoring solution for VRLA, VLA and Ni-Cd batteries – individual voltage (DC and ripple), impedance (Ohmic value) and temperature. Located at the battery, the advanced circuits in the mSensor drive fast data sampling and powerful measurement algorithms.


PowerShield Hub

PowerShield’s Hub takes inputs from sensors at the battery rack and connects them through to the Controller. One Hub is applied per battery string. The Hub measures DC current, ripple current and ambient temperature via external sensors and humidity through an on board sensor.

New Enhancements

  • The PowerShield System offers two alarm levels (maintenance warnings and critical alarms) to capture more battery behaviour, including extreme values.
  • A simple to use web interface to view real-time status and measurements of the batteries, and is designed for small (smartphone) and large screens (tablet, laptop or desktop).
  • The new PowerShield System is fitted with a front-facing USB port which allows for easy access and a simplified version for collecting data.
  • To track the entire life of the battery, additional memory is offered to support recording of all activity, rather than just for specific periods of time.
  • Non-networked sites are able to access the system, including LCD versions of the Controller, with keypad access.
  • A wide range of communication options are available to integrate with DCIM, facility management and building management systems.

Features you will always have with PowerShield

    • Automatic discharge capture logging.
    • Alarm limits per string state so that battery problems are detected sooner.
    • Plug and play installation with factory pre-terminated cables.
    • Compatible with intermittent battery charging as well as float charging regimes.
    • The System has AC or DC power supply options, is compatible with 19” racks and has a dedicated Service Port.
    • Two editions of Link software, standard edition for permanent installations and service edition for service personnel, each edition tuned for their application.
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