PowerShield Battery Management Systems

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Battery Management

PowerShield battery management systems help you get the best out of your battery assets. The continuous data sampling, reporting and decision support capability of PowerShield systems deliver reduced costs, give you peace of mind, and most importantly – ensure that you have batteries that perform when needed.

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Systems Overview

PowerShield systems use a modular approach for battery monitoring. By selecting from a range of options the system can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.  VRLA or wet cells, lead acid or Ni-Cd – PowerShield has a solution that meets your requirements.

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System Components

PowerShield battery monitoring systems are configured using system components we manufacture in-house. With options for VRLA, VLA and Ni-Cd cells, an enterprise level software package and a range of communication choices, we can provide solutions tailored to continuously monitor individual battery and string measurement parameters to the level of visibility you need.

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Reporting Service

The PowerShield Reporting Service provides an independent, external view on your battery data.  A cost effective way for you to get expert analysis and interpretation of your battery information in circumstances where you don’t have the staff or resources to do  that, or you simply want a second opinion.

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System Installation

PowerShield battery monitoring systems are quick and tidy to install. We can also provide installation services  using dedicated in-house installation specialists or accredited third party installation providers depending on your location.

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