PowerShield Reporting Service

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The PowerShield Reporting Service is a great option if you don’t have the staff, expertise or resources to analyse all the information generated by the PowerShield battery monitoring system.

If you’d prefer to receive an independent or external view on your battery data – or simply get a second opinion – the PowerShield Reporting Service is a cost-effective way to receive expert analysis and interpretation of your battery data.

By subscribing to the PowerShield Reporting Service you can realise the benefits of a proactive battery management approach to optimize battery service lifetimes and better manage the total cost of ownership of your battery assets..

What does the Report tell you?

Trend analysis will identify potential battery failures and help you to identify and manage battery end-of-life.

Depending on the configuration of your PowerShield battery monitoring system the Report will give you a visual summary for your batteries, highlighting the overall status and any exceptions in:

  • Ambient temperature
  • Float voltage
  • String current
  • Individual battery temperature
  • Individual battery impedance (ohmic value)
  • Individual battery voltage

All discharges are reported, issues recorded and recommended maintenance actions are listed.

Between reports the PowerShield battery monitoring system will continue to notify you directly of any alarms where immediate onsite action is needed.

How does the Reporting Service work?

The PowerShield system monitoring your standby batteries is continuously measuring and storing data – for the lifetime of the batteries.

At the end of each day the PowerShield system sends your battery data to our secure servers.  We don’t access your network so the integrity of your system security is maintained.

Every month we analyse and interpret your battery data and a PowerShield battery expert prepares a report on the overall condition of your batteries and recommends actions for you to take.  The actions you take will correct any small problems before they escalate, meaning your batteries will be available when you need them.

Your service partners or staff can act with confidence and apply themselves to other important tasks, instead of worrying about battery health.

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