PowerShield battery monitoring systems are quick and tidy to install.

To get accurate battery data and make sure you get the most from your investment it is important that a PowerShield battery monitoring system is correctly installed and configured.

We offer installation services using dedicated in-house installation specialists or can refer you to one of our accredited installation providers depending on your location.


Contact us to learn more about our installation services or inquire about the PowerShield Accredited Installer program.

PowerShield Resellers

Watch our installation demonstration video here.



Some general guidelines when installing PowerShield battery monitoring systems.

  • Installation should be carried out by suitably trained personnel
  • Always refer to the Installation Manuals supplied with the equipment. Manuals are also available on the Resources section of this website
  • Installation must be in an adequately ventilated environment or warranty may be invalidated
  • A system operates in a potentially hazardous environment so it is imperative that all installation personnel have adequate training and experience
  • Sensors must be installed in a Service Access area.